Learn Top Secrets to Find Hidden Jobs on Linkedin

Image showing Learn Top Secrets to find Hidden Jobs on Linkedin

  Knowing Linkedin

Linkedin is an extremely important platform for millions of professionals.

There is no such common platform in the world where a professional ranging from a technical person to a top-level manager & an entrepreneur can connect together.

It is a powerful tool to grow your network, make a personal brand, increase your followers, search for jobs.

Linkedin Connections are your most powerful assets ! You would know why in the coming chapters?

Why do people want their presence on Linkedin ?

They want to connect with like minded individuals to learn, grow, talk, offer services, freelance, boost their personal brand, speak out their mind.

Would you like to hear from industry leaders ! Their professional  thoughts & actions as well !

You are at the right place.

Linkedin is World’s 1st dedicated platform where thousands of Fortune 500 companies with their employees connect together.

Renowned companies like Facebook, Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Apple , IBM, Unilever, Nestle all have huge followers.

Top Companies with their Followers on Linkedin

What are followers ?

Linkedin have dedicated company pages of all companies who want to grow their brands on this platform.

Have you ever seen companies with their own pages on any other platform?

Company pages are used for knowing

  • Company details
  • Announcements of new products
  • Operational changes
  • Addressing the media
  • Career & culture
  • Job postings & a lot more things

You don’t have to go to anywhere to learn about any company. Just login Linkedin, search the company page & become its follower.

From time to time you will be getting updates of the company in the form of image, text or video. Just like this :

Image showing a company post on Linkedin

Want to know about the famous business personalities on Linkedin ?

Jeff Weiner – CEO of Linkedin

Satya Nadella  – CEO at Microsoft

Richard Branson – CEO at Virgin Group

Ryan Holmes – CEO at Hootsuites

Vas Narasimhan – CEO at Novartis

Jesper Brodin – CEO at IKEA group

Indra Nooyi – Former Chairman at Pepsico

Ankur Warikoo – CEO at

Oleg Vishnepolsky – Global CTO at DailyMail Online

Dharmesh Shah – Founder & CTO at Hubspot

Gary Vaynerchuck – CEO at Vayner Media

Neil Patel – Co-founder at Neil Patel Digital

Click on the hyperlink of each business personalities to know more about their linkedin profiles.

So, what are these famous people doing on Linkedin ?

  • Building a follower base or you can call a professional fan base
  • Creating thought leadership in their respective industries
  • Influencing & educating  people positively with their actions
  • Boosting professional interaction with people outside network
  • Giving us an opportunity to learn their business strategy & tactics
  • Educating & inspiring people through their storytelling
  • Giving us an opportunity to learn from everyday life
  • Boosting their company & personal brand image

Want to learn from them? It’s the right time to join Linkedin Now !!

Starting with Linkedin

Do you have a Linkedin profile? If not you can make yours by filling in all the required details starting from below steps :

Your Linkedin Profile

Image asking for Location of a new member on Linkedin
Image asking for current profile on Linkedin
Image asking for email confirmation
Image asking if you are looking for a job on Linkedin

Please take a note in this step : Linkedin is asking “Are you looking for a new job”. Do you know why Linkedin has put up this question ?

Because majority of Linkedin users use this platform as a job search tool.

Job Search on Linkedin

Image asking to search for a interested job

You prefer to skip this stage & Linkedin directs you to their job search page where you can search jobs by skill, location or company.

Image Showing Linkedin Job search page
Image Showing pending steps to get the most out of Linkedin

Building Your Network

Linkedin asks you to complete below steps to enjoy complete benefits of being a Linkedin member.

Step 1:  It asks when did you start working at your current company

Step 2: The moment you enter Build Your Network section, it will ask you to click Find connections

Step 3: Linkedin intelligence will give you suggestions about referral connections based on your company, designation & mentioned skills. Just like the one shown below:

Image Showing Linkedin recommendations for network connection

Choose your connections at your will ! Start building up your network.

Step 4: Get notified about new jobs. It will ask you to create a job alert with desired job title & location. Fill up the details & start receiving job recommendations like the one shown below.

Image Showing Linkedin job recommendations based on your profile

You get to see lots of Easy Apply Button while applying jobs. Here you would need to input simple details like resume pdf & mobile no.

Image Showing the Linkedin Easy Apply Button
Image Showing job application through Linkedin Easy Apply

About Easy Apply:

The Linkedin Easy Apply button helps you facilitate smoother & faster response to job applications.

So, what happens when resume applied by Easy Apply button goes to the recruiter ?

Recruiters would receive your filled up details & would immediately match the following criteria:

Based on the criteria match & resume performance, you would get the job calls for further processes.

Wait a minute !

Are you already rushing towards your job search through Easy Apply ?

Lakhs of people do the same thing & the success rate of getting a successful job call is less than 5%

That means 95% people are not getting results with this job application method. That’s a huge number !

So, what to do now ?

How to get a job on Linkedin with greater success rate? We will learn it here !

            How to unearth Hidden Jobs on Linkedin

Vast majority of people search jobs the traditional way & few hear back from the recruiters.

Before we go into depth. Lets learn about some of the most important things.

                                                      Optimizing your profile

Go to the webpage :

Go to profile – Click it

You will get Add job preferences

Now fill out :

1)Job Titles – Select 1 to 5 job titles

Every job title that you type has to be keyword optimized. 

Example 1 : If you are searching for Consultants job, then you need to select consultant jobs from the dropdown options.

Example 2 : If you are searching for Data Scientist roles then you have to select desired Data Scientist job profile options from the drop down below.

2) Job Locations – Select your desired 1 to 5 locations which can be National & International

3) Select the job titles as per your requirement from below options :

Full Time , Contract , Part Time , Internship , Volunteer , Temporary , Remote

After doing it , Click Add to profile

Linkedin will set its job search algorithm according to the filled up options like job title, location & job requirement.



You will go to Job Seeking Preferences.

Go to : Let recruiters know you are open to opportunities

Change the option to YES

  • Headline:

Headlines are 120 characters long.

Don’t ever type actively looking for a job ! You are wasting your time.

The details that you type in your headline go directly to the recruiters.

Lets Discuss about a new hashtag : #ONO

Write #ONO: “Open to new Opportunities” instead of Actively looking for a job  in your headline

Most important a headline should consist of 70% professional & 30% personal details.

Take a look at these sample headlines

Linkedin Sample profile

Herein , we are seeing the Headline of Abhijeet Kumar.

His headline is talking very Professionally about being a

  • Content Creator
  • Marketer
  • Freelance Content Writer
  • Linkedin Enthusiast

Personally about being a

  • Couch Potato
  • Panda Lover

Lets take a look at the 2nd profile :

Ramesh Kumar’s headline is again conveying

Professional information:

  • A writer & a Market explorer
  • Trying to help early stage startups in brainstorming their ideas

Personal information:

He is a ‘Think Simple Believer’

  • Background Picture

If you have seen the background picture for 2 sample profiles, you must have understood to use this space intelligently for communicating your job profile & draw recruiter as well as network attention.

  • Choose attractive picture depicting your skill
  • Mention your most prized skills
  • Purpose is to attract attention towards your profile
  • Profile Picture

A clear profile picture with white background is suggested  so that the person’s body along with the shoulders are visible.

  • About

About section length is 2000 words.

Follow 3X3 technique. What is 3 by 3 technique ?

      Write 3 paragraphs in About  section

  • Write details about you professionally :

Your knowledge , skills , experience , learning

  • Write details about you personally

What do you like ? Your hobbies, interests, passion

  • Define your purpose of being on Linkedin !

Are you are looking for a job /  a business deal  / looking for networking  with like minded individuals?

Write it down in About Me section !

  • Featured

Featured section is the most important part of Linkedin to show your impressive work in the form of Posts, Articles, presentations & documents.

Content & Article which has received maximum exposure on Linkedin in the form of likes & comments can be posted in the featured section.

Image Showing Linkedin Featured section

The sole agenda of Featured Section in any Linkedin profile is to hook recruiters, so that they spend quality time looking into your profile knowing about your skills, working experience & how well all these things matchup, suiting the job opening.

Lets Start with another Important Job Search Technique :

IPC : Identified Pitch Close


Our agenda is to identify trustworthy recruiters who are going to hire on Linkedin.

Lets go the Linkedin Dialogue Search box.

Job 1 : You are searching for Software Developer Job.

Then type these keywords: “Recruiters Software Developer Hiring” in the search box.

Notice after the search query is executed by Linkedin, you get 9,620 results.

Now lets select People in the 1st menu option.

Result counts would be showing as 9,600

Select the job location from Location filter. For example, if you like to have Chennai as Job location. Type in Chennai & press Apply.

As you see, you have received 90 results of recruiters which are hiring for job position:Software Developer” in Chennai location.

90 recruiters means 90 different job opportunities.

Isn’t it astounding !

Click the Connect button for 1st recruiter Sathish Ganesh

You get 2 different buttons Add a note & Send Now.

Click Send Now. You will get response as Invite Sent

Now just HOLD ON ! You have sent direct connection response to the recruiter.

They don’t know you & your purpose of sending a connection request. They don’t know if you have sent connection request for

  • Boosting Networking
  • Connecting professionally
  • Finding Jobs

99% of people on Linkedin send connection requests to recruiters or any other connections in the same way !

What do you get ?

You don’t get to hear from the recruiter ! This is the most common response from all people.

Now lets check second recruiter “Seetha Lakshmi” profile.

Using The 3 by 3 Technique

The 3 by 3 Technique is “Finding 3 things about any recruiter in less than 3 minutes

Check these details of any recruiter

  • About section
  • Featured Section
  • Experience
  • Skills & Endorsements

                                             Using the Technique to find recruiters

About Section :

She is a human recruiter by profession.

Featured Section :

If you see all the shared materials in featured section, you get to know that she is very fond of studying different recruitment strategies.

Experience Section:

If you get to see the experience section of her profile, then study these details.

You get to know from the information that she is actively recruiting.

Skills & Endorsements

If you get to check skills & endorsements, IT Recruitment & Management are the highest endorsed skill sets.

Done ! Reading these details in 3 minutes ??

Hurray !! Now you get to know that she is a trustworthy recruiter who is ready to hire.

Now be ready to send a personalized connection request utilizing all the 3 details !

Click Add to Note instead of clicking Connect button. This is the way to send a personalized connection request.

Please type in the optional message :

“Hi Seeta, I was delighted to see your profile. I got to know that you are a renowned Talent Acquisition specialist interested in recruitment strategy. I see you are highly endorsed in Management & IT recruitment skills. Please treat it as a personalized connection request…Regards Name of Job seeker”

After you are done with crafting your optional message using 3 by 3 technique, Send the invitation.

Recruiter has been identified ! We are done with the Identified phase of IPC !!

CAUTION !!!! please remember !

Now STOP ! Don’t jump over to ask for a job from the recruiter at this moment !

First ! You have to establish rapport with the recruiter !!

PITCH & CLOSE Technique of IPC:

You have to follow 7 into 7 Technique !

7 into 7 Technique is all about 2 paragraphs communicating PERSONAL & PROFESSIONAL Messages which are repeated upto 7 times based on hiring manager’s position.

For MNCs follow this technique every 2-3 days.

For startups follow this technique every alternate day.

Send these messages to the recruiter post connection acceptance using Linkedin Messaging Tool !

Message 1 / Paragraph 1 :


I understand that you are hiring ! I appreciate that you are reading this message. Lets keep in touch should I be a perfect fit for job opening.

Message 2 / Paragraph 2 :


I am a perfect fit for the job position you have posted yesterday. Would like to take this further. Lets connect over a call on mobile your suitable time.

The purpose is to exchange mobile nos & get over a call to schedule a interview !!

Sending your resume over email id will give you negligible results. Just like lakhs of professionals do !!


Whether your chat message is being read by your recruiter or not !

Make sure you are going to post these personal/professional messages 7 times every alternate day to increase your chances of getting an interview.

Similarly you have to follow & apply this technique to other connected Linkedin recruiters.

That’s the perfect way to build communication & earn a referral from a new recruiter !

Hope you enjoyed this blazing fast method to find recruiters & apply to jobs !!


How to make YOUR LinkedIn Profile SHINE?

1. Headlines= current job title and/or job titles you seek. Eg. Project Manager | Program Manager | Change Manager

2. All Star status = all LinkedIn fields complete. Currently unemployed? Go to current experience, add job title, freelance and put hashtag#ONO in the company name.

3. Experience= you only need to include the past 12–15 years. Add a couple of lines of job responsibility to each Experience.

4. LinkedIn Summary = up to 2600 characters. Start with 2 brief paragraphs of first person what you are professionally + who you are as a person. Key Competencies- List them. Technologies/Methodologies – List them. Key achievements- bullet 4 or 5 past achievements, preferably quantifiable.

5. Photo= clear and professional-looking.

6. Add Certificates, Diplomas, Awards in Featured section.

7. Provide email address at end of summary if you wish to be contacted.

8. Go to LinkedIn Settings and turn on visibility to recruiters. But most importantly…. ENGAGE! Because the LinkedIn algorithm awards engagement with visibility in recruiter and other searches.

Your LinkedIn Profile is your FIRST impression to any employer, and companies ARE hiring NOW!


Want RECRUITERS to contact YOU on LinkedIn ?

Then do the following to your LinkedIn Profile:

1. Make sure your headline is an actual job title.

2. Make sure you have an “About” section.

3. Make sure you have relevant keywords in your “About” section.

4. Make sure you have All-Star status.

5. Make sure your photo is professional. But most importantly….

6. Make sure you are actively ENGAGING on the platform. The LinkedIn algorithm has the power to suppress or elevate profiles based on engagement.

So: Put a like on interesting posts.

Write an insightful comment of at least one full sentence.

Like your own comment.

Like and reply to other meaningful comments.

Share posts.

Post your own original content. (All of the above boosts the LinkedIn algorithm in your favour).

Engagement on LinkedIn needs to be consistent and meaningful.

You can monitor your daily profile view activity via “Profile Views.”

If you want to get something out of this platform, you need to put something in first. Invest in your own future!