About Me

About me:

This was the year 2010. After engineering, I was doing MBA and started my career as an account manager marketing.

Account manager is one of the most powerful job profiles which makes you a CEO in your own region.

Herein I spent nine years innovating, executing & managing different profiles like marketing, sales, product launch, campaign management, business growth & client relationship management.

One needs to constantly think & innovate itself to be at the top game.

My love in the marketing field got a lot better like aged matured wine.

Engaging a customer right from the product launch phase to the product usage phase needs to be taken care of with extreme caution.

If this is handled, then business is automatically taken care.

Thereafter, i was introduced to Digital Marketing. I was introduced to new things.

Customer targeting, product launch, promotions as well as results used to take weeks of hard work.

Digital Marketing hardly took a snap to execute things and produce results.

Gone are the days, when one used to ask permission for a client meeting to sell a product. Those days were following business to business ( B2B) models & still, companies are using these models.

But, now the advent of Digital Marketing has opened all the doors of finding customers digitally & globally.

Trend has completely changed. Now its from Business to Customer(B2C).

Every online customer is a potential customer.

Just utilize the tools related to create building blocks of online business like website development, content writing, branding, search engine optimization etc.

Learn, practice & implement to kick off your online business !

Digital marketing for newcomers is overwhelming.

& Why not, there are a plethora of new unheard terms even for traditional marketers.

The purpose of this website is to ease the efforts in understanding Digital Marketing and make it simpler to use.

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