Big Question: How to create a website?

How to create a website?

This is a big question for every small & big business owner in the world.

In fact, it’s a scary question for people, who do not own a website.


People are afraid of moving their business online. There are multiple questions & doubts fighting for attention at the same time.

  • Ohh! it’s so costly.
  • I don’t have enough money.
  • Would my business succeed?
  • How should I design a website?
  • Should I hire a professional to get it done?
  • Can I survive the online competition?
  • Would I get online clients?

Yes!! these questions are obvious.

Bare necessities to create a Website

Let’s know the bare necessities to create a website.

Know your niche

People get both confused and overwhelmed by the word niche. In simple words, a niche is the specific focus area, that is deeply related to one’s business or operations area.

It is related to interests, professional skills & business. All targeted to different markets.

The success of a business is dependent on niche selection.

The narrower is the niche selection, the greater are the chances of success in that particular niche.

Why? Because chances of competition are less in that niche.

What’s your niche? Find it now!!

Purchase a domain name

Domain name is the name of a website. It is directly related to a niche.

A online user has to type in the domain name in Google search engine to go to a specific website.

A facebook user would type in Google to access his facebook account & page.

A Tony Robbins fan searches the website to search for him.

How to find my domain name?

One has to keep in mind that the domain name should have a strong connection with the niche.

To search for relevant domain names, one has to go for websites like,,

It’s not a surprise if one finds the most relevant domain names booked.

Expert Tip: Try to find a single word or two-word simple domain name, with clear meaning pointing to the niche. Just like

Select a hosting provider

The purchased domain name requires a hosting service provider for making the website online on the internet.

A hosting provider allocates a dedicated storage space & bandwidth for running the website on the internet.

They are responsible for ensuring round the clock internet access to the website. Website properties like blogs, articles, videos, etc are stored & maintained by the hosting service provider.

Expert Tip: Assess your requirement & select a hosting service provider with a good track record.

  • Search for online reviews
  • Discuss with customer care
  • Go for an economical long term plan
  • Always ask for the best offer

Do keyword research for your niche

Keyword research is a new term for lots of people. Keywords are new words, ideas & sentences that point towards the niche or business area.

Google provides a free keyword research planner, which can be used to search for all types of keywords.

Expert Tip: Learn in-depth information about keyword research tools here.

Learn more about keyword research through below video tutorials.

Write an article for your business

Connect all the new ideas after keyword research to write down an article.

Expert Tip: First sentence of the article should creates curiosity & correlate to the second sentence and so on. Each sentence should sell the second sentence. This helps in creating a better flow of the article.

We are done with all the steps! Now we are ready to create a website.